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Here is where you will find the latest info on volunteer needs.

  • Childcare Coordinator for PTA Meeting nights
  • Assist our Librarian, Mr. Seasholes
  • Room Parents act as a liaison between your child’s classroom and other parents

To volunteer for anything you see on this list please email Sunshine Toledo


1812 SW Myrtle Street

Seattle, WA 98106

(206) 252-8380

Library News

Craig Seasholes wants to invite everyone, teachers, students, and families to stop by the library to take advantage of a good long test drive of the two AWE “Early Literacy Center” computers that we have as one-month demo units. They are loaded with student software, can track and report on individual student usage, and are a great example of one direction computers in education might be headed. One unit is loaded with bilingual Spanish-English resources as well. Also please give your “2 cents worth” via a short feedback form. It will help me gather impressions to help inform discussion of educational technology at Sanislo, and beyond. The Library Blog can be found here.

Four more slots are open for 3-5th graders who are interested in helping the library club in October. Participating students must attend at least one morning a week, but are welcome each Monday Tuesday, Wednesday morning at 9:00.Sign up by the library circulation desk if you’re interested. FYI Sanislo Staff: Cristian, Jose, Kisanet, Natalia, Jesse, Fousia, Yesenia and Kimberly are signed up as of Thursday afternoon. Please contact Craig Seasholes clseasholes[at)seattleschools[dot)org

Fundraising Time


Innisbrook Fundraiser begins Sep. 28
Every year, Sanislo students raise funds for the school by selling gift wrap, high-quality chocolates, candles, jewelry, and assorted other gifts through Innisbrook. Over 100 items are under $15, and the majority are made in the USA. Students take orders from their families, friends, and neighbors and Sanislo keeps a portion of all profits. Catalogues/ordering materials will go home with your child after an all-school assembly. Please make sure you read the instructions carefully. If you have questions, please contact suzymillerseattle[at)hotmail[dot)com.

Chinook Book Fundraiser
In addition to the Innisbrook fundraiser your Sanislo PTA is also running a Chinook Book sale. The fundraiser will begin this Friday and envelopes will go home in the Thursday newsletter. This is the first year selling these books which are priced at $20 per book or $15 for the Smart phone version. Sanislo PTA receives 50% ($10 and $7.50, respectively) of the proceeds from this fundraiser!!! To learn more about the book or phone/app version, please visit www.sea.chinookbook.net or contact Linda Feeney at lindamf71[at)gmail[dot)com with any questions.

Weekly Bake Sales!
Starting with 1st Grade we will be doing our Friday Bake Sales. Parents please contact your room parents to set up what you can bring and how you can help

PTA Opportunities

We have lots of opportunities to help this year!

  • PTA Board Vice President
  • Childcare Coordinator for PTA Meeting nights
  • Grant Writer
  • Annual Fund Co-Chairs
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Every Day Fundraisers Coordinator – Escrip, Boxtops, ect
  • Jog-a-thon- Co- Chair
  • Event Concessions Coordinator
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Newsletter Collating Coordinator
  • Assist our Librarian, Mr. Seasholes, Please contact Craig Seasholes.
  • Room Parents- If you are interested in being a room parent please let Sunshine Toledo know what class sanislospta[at)gmail[dot)com

Classroom News

FUN (Finding Urban Nature) – This great hands-on program is from Seattle Audubon. We need parents to take small groups in 3rd grade for 4 session in the fall and 4 sessions in the spring. There is a half-day training session on Oct. 8th.

Also Ms. O’Connor was awarded a free Smart Board for the classroom and now needs a decent laptop to ensure it works well. Perhaps someone upgraded computers and would be willing to donate to Sanislo and the third grade team. Please contact Ms. O’Connor.

CDSA Now enrolling for 2012/2013 Before and After school care

What is the Community Day School Association?

The Community Day School Association (CDSA) is the onsite childcare serving the families of Sanislo Elementary. We offer affordable childcare before and after school. CDSA is also open on early release days and on full days. We offer homework support, provide breakfast and two afternoon snacks. We align our lesson plans and enrichment activities with the Seattle public schools. Our lesson plans include arts and crafts, science activities, teambuilding, and lots of other fun projects.

You can also reach us by email: sanislo@communitydayschool.org or visit

our website at: www.communitydayschool.org

Last Day of School

The Seattle School Board on Wednesday, April 4, decided to extend the school year by two days to make up for January’s inclement weather.
The last day of school will be Friday, June 22. Seattle students lost three days of school in January because of severe winter weather conditions. One day was made up on Jan. 27.

Sanislo BBQ and Field Day

This Friday, June 15, is the all school BBQ. There will be burgers from 11:30am-12pm for families and friends of Sanislo. Terry, our lunch room manager, will need about 6 adults to help out with serving, cooking the burgers, and to help with cleanup. You will need be at the school by 11am. Please call if you are available to help,206-252-8405.
Friday is also Field Day! There will be many activities for the children to participate in as they rove from station to station. Mr. Bonow needs lots of help to monitor the events.There is a sign up sheet hanging on the window of Mr. Seever’s office for volunteer opportunities.

Thank You From Washington Reading Corps

“I just wanted to give a big thank you to the PTA and all of the parents who supported WRC and Family Literacy Nights. These events would not have been successful without your support. Thank you for participating and volunteering your time!”

Scholastic Book Fair

Is Happening Now! Offering great books at great prices…all benefiting the library. Stop by before or after school this week to shop with your child and stock up on great titles. A flyer is also available, and families may send in an order for pick up.

This year you may also shop Scholastic online. The sale brings books and income to the library to keep Sanislo readers growing!

Teacher Appreciation Week

This is Teacher Appreciation Week. It’s an opportunity for Sanislo families to come together to show our appreciation for our amazing teachers (and administration too!). These are all things that anyone can take part in. For questions, please contact Elisabeth Silver at esilver@ecchorizon.com

Monday – Clean up the Teachers Lounge day. Thanks to all those who participated!

Tuesday – Make a card/bring a flower for your teacher (vases are available at the school, they just need to be gathered and set up in each classroom). A perfect job for students!

Wednesday – Breakfast (bring a breakfast item for the teachers, items need to be at the school by 9am – help will also be needed to set up & clean up). Laura Probst will be the point person on this. This is perfect for anyone to take part in.

Thursday – A Dozen Cookies for every teacher (36 dozen cookies in all = a dozen for each teacher/administrator). Katie Gamaunt and Angela Hyde can box up and deliver these to the teachers. Another option that is perfect for anyone and everyone to take part in. The more treats, the happier!

Friday – Lunch (bring in a potluck lunch item for our teachers, not sure of the time). Sheila Guarin Juta and Suwan Brown have offered to be the contacts and organizers for this. And yet another way for anyone and everyone to show their appreciation to Sanislo staff. And, since its on Friday, the teachers can take home leftovers for over the weekend!

So to repeat, lets all get out there this week and let the Sanislo staff know how much we truly appreciate how much EVERYONE at Sanislo does for our children, for us, and for our community.


  • OCT 16 - School Picture Day
  • OCT 28 - Internet Safety Night
  • OCT 29 - 2-Hour Early Dismissal
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