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The poets are coming


At Sanislo we’ll be celebrating National Poetry Month throughout April. April 1st (no foolin’) we’ll have a visit from Frances McCue, poet and author of a recent book on the life and poetry written by West Seattle’s “own” Richard Hugo. Frances has stories to tell about Hugo’s growing up in the Sanislo neighborhood, and she’ll use them as a springboard to work with a few classes as we kick-off a month of reading, writing and reciting poetry. Along with in-class poetry writing project from Writers in the Schools poet Ann Teplick, a lunchtime poetry cafe option with Read for America teachers Genevieve Mack and Ebony Thompson, our librarian Mr. Seasholes will be featuring poetry in the library and on the web. We’ll be able to assemble a Sanislo poetry anthology by the end of the month worthy of publication and electronic distribution. Mark your calendars for April 29th, when Frances McCue and a Sanislo alumni-poet Aaron Counts will come in to coach student poets in the hours before a 2:30 all school poetry month assembly in the gym.

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