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Spring Celebration

Spring Celebration- Friday, March 25, from 6-8 pm

The Family Engagement Action Team (FEAT) is planning another fun evening of food, music, culture and community. The Spring Celebration is centered on the ideas of rebirth, renewal and regained opportunity.

Thinking about spring reminded us of the annual migration of millions of birds to their familiar nesting grounds. Likewise, all of our families have a story of migration to tell, whether it be ourselves, our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, or even farther back in our ancestry. One of the most wonderful qualities of Sanislo Elementary is the rich diversity of cultures represented by the student body. This year we wish to reflect that diversity in a concrete, personal way.

To better understand or collective experience as a school family, we hope many families will be willing to share their personal stories of immigration, migration, or cultural heritage. Your level of involvement is up to you do decide: it can simply be the placement of a push pin on a giant world map reflecting your family’s place of origin, or you may wish to write down your narrative (or dictate it to me, and I’ll write it down) with accompanying photos, or, if you’re really brave, you may wish to tell your story in person at our family event.

Though we all come from different places and experiences, we share a common goal–that our families thrive and out children learn and grow to be happy, healthy, and productive citizens of the world! So, if you are interested in sharing a spring celebration custom, your family’s migration story, or poetry, music, or any other cultural experience, please contact parent/FEAT member Stephanie Hughes at 206.579.8846 or at hughlog@comcast.net.


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