Sanislo Elementary School PTA

The new interim Executive Committee of the Sanislo PTA Board:

Presidents – Ebony Lee & Janay Destello
Vice President – Amy Hallmon
Treasurers – Jenn Perez & Ruby Ruan
Secretary – Rebekah Truman

Mission Statement

The Sanislo Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) strives to inform and empower families so that they can be active and engaged in creating a vibrant and healthy school and community environment. 

We serve our students, families, community, and staff and acts with the purpose celebrating our diversity and common ground while providing an environment where all everyone holds the power to create opportunity for themselves and others.

Sanislo is a safe learning community dedicated to building respectful and responsible citizens and empowering all learners.


  1. Welcoming all families into the school community
  2. Communicating effectively
  3. Supporting student success
  4. Speaking up for every child
  5. Sharing power
  6. Collaborating with the community